Our Philosophy


Founded in 1983, Cortelyou Early Childhood Centers have a record of success and sensitivity to our scholars. We believe that education is essential for empowering children to function creatively and efficiently in today’s society. The program is specifically designed to foster growth and development. Children gain a sense of self-respect through a variety of learning strategies contingent on their ability, needs and interests.  Our integrated curriculum enables students to understand reading, math and science. Through playing, listening, observing and asking questions, children gain knowledge that assists their decision-making and their peer-to-peer interactions. Children work individually and in groups. Teachers organize various activities based on a child’s preferred method of learning.  For example, some learners are more visually-oriented and therefore require visual aids.  We pride ourselves in offering intimate class sizes of no more than 18 students, as opposed to 30. 


Our centers employ teachers who are not only qualified and experienced but also motivated and caring.  Ideally, parents and educators play a pivotal role in the educational process. As such, a strong parent-teacher relationship is integral. As educators, we endeavor to make this experience a rewarding one for both parent and child.  We continue to enjoy the support of our parents as well as community leaders in reaching the gold standards of excellence for our students. Consistently, we rank at or near the very top amongst all of our peers here in New York City. 


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