Kindergarten Through Fifth Grade

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Our private elementary school program has proven to be one of the best in Brooklyn. We provide an enriched and rigorous academic curriculum that caters to the needs of gifted and talented students as well as students who benefit from a smaller classroom setting. Our curricular subjects include: English and Language Arts, Math, Science/Health Science, Social & Global Studies, Spanish, Computers, Computer Programming and Physical Education. CECC immerses students into challenging assignments and high order thinking.


This includes higher-level textbooks, giving oral presentations, writing book reports, engaging in debates (grades 4 & 5), science experiments and collaborative class assignments. We encourage our students to be competitive and also to practice good sportsmanship and to compete in math, spelling bee and science fairs. Students are also recognized for their achievements at the end of the year at our awards ceremony. 


Our students participate in the New York State (NYS) Testing Program, which helps us and the families ascertain childrens’ proficiency in basic subjects at various points in the school year. The students in our program are performing above level in English and Language Arts, Math and Science. Upon completion of our elementary school program, our students have the competitive edge they need to succeed in any academic environment.


In addition to classroom experiences, we provide out-of-classroom opportunities for continued learning. This includes local trips that are aligned with the school’s curriculum as well as additional trips that provide breadth and depth of knowledge for your student. Sometimes we take in Broadway shows and so-called “Spanish Immersion Trips”, which allows kids to experience aspects of Hispanic or Spanish culture. Our students have seen Broadway shows such as “The Lion King”, “Tarzan”, “Mary Poppins”, “Cinderella”and more. Also, our school’s Spanish Immersion program has taken us abroad to Costa Rica and Peru to date. The Immersion Program is a great opportunity for students and families to learn the country's rich cultural heritage; by visiting schools, learning the language, spending time with locals, visiting historical places and learning to prepare a traditional meal with native speakers and teachers.  


For more information about any of our elementary school programs, please call (718) 421-9581.  


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