After School

Our centers provide an enriched educational environment to stimulate and encourage your child's academic achievement.  Assistance with daily homework assignments, development of sound study habits, help with homework completion, library programs, educational games and extracurricular club programs. The program runs from 3:00 - 6:00pm at our Annex location during the academic school year; however, service is also available on special days and school breaks when our academy and public schools are closed to students.


Our after school programs provide service from children from the following nearby public schools: P.S. 139, P.S. 179, P.S. 217, P.S. 152, PS 152 Annex, P.S. 315 and local charter schools. Students are picked up from their respective public and private schools via after school staff or bussed in. If your child's public school does not provide busing for your child, and you are in need of a private transportation company, contact our office and we will be more than happy to refer some transportation companies to you.


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