Cortelyou Early Childhood Center (CECC) is a premier childcare facility located in Flatbush, Brooklyn.  Having served the children of our community for over 30 years, we take pride in providing a stimulating and diverse curriculum as we believe that hard work leads to success.  Our educational center fosters an environment where the community is also involved in educating our students.  

CECC is committed to providing an excellent education that meets each student’s interests, abilities and needs and promotes an appreciation for racial, religious and cultural differences as an integral part of school life. Students at CECC are challenged to develop intellectual independence, creativity, and most importantly, responsibility toward others as they strive to become upstanding citizens.   

Our educational center surpasses public school curricula by exposing young scholars to a range of both academic subjects and extracurricular opportunities — from advanced mathematics and science experiments to spelling bees and riveting classroom debates.  

These unprecedented times of the global pandemic require that we become the best versions of ourselves in service of the greater community good. At Cortelyou, we rapidly shifted to remote learning during the Covid-19 shutdown to help flatten the curve, and we remain prepared to adapt as Governor Andrew Cuomo decrees. As of this writing, New York and the daily practices of everyday New Yorkers have proven to be a model for the country.


This is the initial site of Cortelyou Early Childhood Centers otherwise referred to as the Main building. This building houses pre-school students ages 2-4 years.

MAIN:  1110 Cortelyou Road, Brooklyn, NY 11218
Phone: (718) 282-6077
Fax: (718) 282-2919

The Annex location houses our Pre-K for All & Kindergarten programs as well as a school-age  after school program.    

ANNEX:  386 Marlborough Road, Brooklyn, NY 11226
Phone: (718) 856-2880
Fax: (718) 282-2919

This is the home of Cortelyou Academy. Students from K - 5th grade are enrolled here.  A small pre-school program is housed here as well for academy students with younger siblings.           

ACADEMY:  2739 Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11210
Phone: (718) 421-9581
Fax: (718) 421-2891