**Please note, the information provided below was for our 2020 Summer Camp program.**


Junior and Senior Camp 2020 (ages 6-9 & ages 10-15)

Traditional Camp for Junior/Senior Campers

Cortelyou Day Camp offers a variety of camp experiences from our youngest to our oldest campers.   Junior campers (AGES 6-9 YRS) are now ready to take on new challenges and are open to new experiences.  Senior Campers (AGES 10-15) are our more experienced campers who are ready for the real thrill of summer.  Senior campers participate in camper-driven activities as well as are allowed more choices in their daily programming.  Our camper’s days are filled with activities which include academics, arts and crafts, baking, cooking, dance, games, instructional swimming, outdoor play, pool parties, scavenger hunts, sports activities, off-site trips and so much more.  A traditional camp experience exposes students to an assortment of activities.


In addition to our traditional camp programming, this year we are offering a limited amount of specialty camps.  This is for families of Junior & Senior Campers who would like to choose a program that caters to the specific interests of their camper.  Specialty camps focus on specific objectives and skills for an additional fee.



BASKETBALL CAMP - Campers dedicate four mornings per week to intensive skills-based training. Over the course of the four-week session, campers will practice ball handling & dribbling, turning, shooting, passing and receiving, and rebounding drills. This program focuses on individual development and encourages teamwork through team scrimmages. Through this approach players have a great time, gain confidence, and make great strides in improving their basketball skills. (No Additional Fee)


SOCCER CAMP - Campers receive four mornings of soccer instruction. Each class will focus on a specific skill, which will be worked on throughout the class, culminating in a small-sided scrimmage. For at least the first twenty minutes, every player will have possession of a ball which maximizes the number of touches each player gets with a ball. Our soccer camp will follow a proven methodology based upon skill acquisition through progression. Skills training in dribbling, turning, tackling, passing, receiving, shooting and defending.   (No Additional Fee)


LITTLE ENGINEERS - Campers will learn through hands-on activities how to build Electrical Circuits and construct architectural structures. In this camp, campers will use electronic components and building materials to erect building structures with electrical circuits that work.  This is an introductory class to engineering for kids.   (Jrs Only –Technology Fee of $150 per Session)


GAME DESIGN AND CODING- Campers will learn to think like a game developer.  This innovative course teaches computer programming skills through interactive and exciting projects. These fun classes are perfect for students who have great imaginations, and would like to figure out how games work, or simply love technology. In Coding, students will have a blast creating video games and bringing their creations to life. Campers will learn a lot of cool skills along the way such as: basic coding, problem solving, logic, physics and more. No previous experience necessary.     (Srs Only–Technology Fee of $150 per Session)


JUNIOR ASTRONAUTS - Campers will explore the Outer Limits and beyond. Campers will learn about the basics of Aerospace engineering and Planets in Our Solar System.  Campers will work on solar system models and design their own spacecraft for intergalactic travel.  This specialty camp choice is out of this world and for aspiring astronauts!      (Jrs Only–Technology Fee of $150 per Session)


RHYTHM AND BEATS – Music and movement is one of the most enjoyable activities at camp.  Campers will be able to express themselves through dance in forms such as hip hop, K-pop, modern and Afro-Caribbean beats. Today children are displaying their dance moves everywhere and the incorporation of TikTok and viral trend videos are allowing them to express themselves. Campers will perform at our End of Camp Carnival. (Jr/Sr Camp – Arts Fee $100)


FINE ARTS CLASS - Campers will be introduced to different mediums of art expressions which include ceramics, drawing/shading, digital media, painting, sculpture, and visual art. Campers will learn about renowned artist and painters.  (Jr/Sr Campers – Arts Fee $100)


Our camp is licensed by the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene and is inspected twice yearly. The inspection reports are filed at the Bureau of Food Safety and Community Sanitation.


For More Information, please review our Camp Application and attend a Camp Orientation.  Any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at 718-282-6077.

Junior & Senior Summer Camp Application 2020

CACFP Meal Form & Instructions (part of the above application)

Junior/Senior Health Forms (part of the above application)



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