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Jun 27, 2022 04:55 AM

A Guide Before You Search 3k Programs in Brooklyn

Sending your little one to preschool can be overwhelming. You as a parent would like to have the best for them and it is obvious. Well, it is an all-new journey for them that can bring a kickstart to their life with new meaning. Besides, preschool programs help your child develop social and learning skills; it's hard to let them go! We have brought you this guide and key factors that certainly help to know whether you've picked a good preschool or not! And what if we say we are the answer to your query "3k programs Brooklyn"? Yes, we are a premier childcare facility located in Flatbush, Brooklyn; to know more about it, keep reading…

What are 3K programs?

3-K programs are for your 3-year-old; a form of early childhood education. In 3k programs provide an ambience for your child to learn with each other through play. Not only does it support children’s social and emotional development, but language and literacy, cognition, and even physical development also. The 3k program activities include:

  • Children are allowed to have meals together in order to interact with classmates; enhance language skills through conversations.
  • An equal hour is devoted to sharpening kids' listening to read-aloud and singing activities in a common hall.
  • Children spend a large portion of time in workstations like; art centers, libraries, and fun activity areas; they explore, imagine, craft, create, and ask questions freely. 

Also, children are allowed to take a nap and follow a daily routine; it helps them learn how to take care of themselves.

In a nutshell, 3-K programs promote the academic and social-emotional skills required for your child to succeed in kindergarten and beyond.

Things to Do Before Selecting 3k programs

Once you have made up your mind to enroll your child, you need to consider tons of factors and important steps to get it done right. Before actually enrolling your children, you must understand what exactly it aims for. Why are you enrolling your child in a 3K program? What are your expectations? 3K programs build a solid foundation for a successful future for your child in elementary school and beyond. All parents want their children to have a strong start that leads them into a successful future, and these programs provide just that.

  • Foster independence: Opting for these programs means you are encouraging your child to become independent! By independence, we mean your child will learn basic self-care skills, such as washing hands properly, wiping their nose, opening a lunchbox, zipping a bag, covering his mouth while sneezing or coughing, and other essential activities.
  • Instill them to stay organized: It is essential to teach your child basic organizing skills, and these programs help to do so! Children learn ways to keep their clothes, toys, and gear organized in their room after the play session. They are being taught where exactly each thing belongs.
  • Acquire social & communication skills: Social skills are always necessary including sharing, taking turns, playing with peers, and participating in pretend play are the social skills. Also, your child needs to learn communication skills, and these programs help achieve the same. Obviously, talking and listening are extremely valuable for academic success, and that's why language skills matter.

Factors for Selecting 3k Programs

You might have found some of the best elementary schools in Brooklyn, but be a bit skeptical about them. It's pretty natural; every parent gets nervous and stressed before sending their children to a new learning place. But a few factors might help you choose the best learning program with a secure environment.

  • The location: We must say, being close to home is the best! As we know, little ones tire easily; how would they survive a long commute to school? It's definitely going to be difficult, especially in the winter. Also, you have to make sure the school's surroundings are safe; you better visit the campus before sending your kid.

  • The status of the 3K: The preschool's reputation matters a lot; you must find out where it stands in society, what reviews say, and if it is a credible place to send your kids right away?

  • All essential school amenities: It is essential to know whether the place provides all critical sources and ways of learning to secure your child's future. Visit your child's 3k and talk to the teacher to analyze the activity areas and classroom. 

We offer childcare facilities!

Ultimately selecting the 3K program is your personal decision, and there you have it! Searching for a preschool for your child just got easier, isn't it? We at CECC: Cortelyou Early Childhood Centers, is one of the best elementary schools programs in Brooklyn. We offer preschool, elementary school, after school, and summer camp too!


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