At Cortelyou, we believe that education is essential for empowering children to function creatively and efficiently in today’s society. The program is specifically designed to foster growth and development in our children. Children gain a sense of self respect through a variety of learning strategies contingent on the child’s ability, needs and interest.


Our integrated curriculum enables children to understand reading, math and science. Through playing, listening, asking questions and observing, children learn to interact. They eventually gain knowledge which will assist in their decision making process. Children work individually and in a cooperative group setting. Teachers organize various activities based on the child’s mode of learning.


Our centers maintain a warm, cheerful and stimulating environment to enhance the total development of the child. We provide an atmosphere where the child feels secure, confident and free to explore. Our teachers are qualified, experienced, motivated and caring.


Ideally, parents and educators play a pivotal role in the educational process. As such, a strong parent-teacher relationship is an integral part of education. As educators, we endeavor to make this experience a rewarding one for both parent and child.




Cortelyou Early Childhood Center, Inc. was established on April 3rd, 1983 in the presently East Flatbush area of Brooklyn. The school was founded by Mrs. Leonie Francis-Bryan, a mother, wife, nurse, and educator.


Mrs. Francis-Bryan saw the need for child care services within the community. With a growing population of children and the need for additional space, CECC added an Annex building on Marlborough Road in 1996.


In 1999, Mrs. Francis- Bryan’s daughter, Sophia Francis, had a vision to start an elementary school. In 2001, the vision became a reality. The elementary school started with 15 children and was extended to the Annex building to accommodate 2nd and 3rd graders. The elementary school moved into its own building on Bedford Avenue in 2005. In 2004, Mrs. Francis Bryan's son came on board and assumed the role of Marketing/Building Operations Director at Cortelyou Early Childhood Centers.


Cortelyou Early Childhood Centers have been serving the families of Brooklyn for the past 30 years. We are very pleased that over the years we have been able to attain and maintain our initial objectives while developing and identifying new goals. We are very proud of our many graduates who are now productive citizens in New York City.


With continued support and faith of our parents, teachers, friends, and the community, we hope to continue providing exceptional childcare services.