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Class Size
A basic group comprises of 12-18 children. However, the younger students are divided into smaller groups of 8 or less. The teacher to student ratio also differs with age group as follows:

  • Toddlers (2-3 years): 1 Teacher: 1 Assistant: 12-15 Toddlers
  • Pre-K & K (4-5 years): 1 Teacher: 1 Assistant: 16-20 Pre-Schoolers
  • Grade School (6-10 years): 1 Teacher: 18-24 Children

All classes are developmentally appropriate and curriculum depends on the student’s age.

2&3 Year Olds
Typically, a day includes lots of activities for growth and exploration. Your little one might spend time playing with blocks, riding a tricycle, digging, or painting. And of course, there’s reading, music, and games. A special surprise could be a visit from you! We encourage parents to come and eat with the kids, share a skill or hobby, or even join us on a trip outing.

Pre-K & Kindergarten
A typical day for our Pre-K & K students include a unique and thematic curriculum designed to develop the “whole child,” through programs like hands-on computer experience, learning a foreign language, and developmentally stimulating programs and activities for all students.

Grade School
A typical day for grade school students includes rigorous and structured learning. The students enrolled here are participants in the Talented and Gifted program. These students possess the critical-thinking skills that enable them to be challenged academically, yet they have a balance between social and interpersonal activities. They are still able to enjoy various extra-curricular activities that make the Academy the holistic environment you see today.

Ever wondered what your child will be doing all day?

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